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Unclaimed mail is a fascinating phenomenon that often leads to many questions. How does mail end up unclaimed? What happens to it? At Unclaimed Mail Center, we specialize in giving these items a new life. Whether you’re looking to buy unclaimed mail or just curious about the process, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is unclaimed mail?

Unclaimed mail refers to parcels and packages that, for various reasons, were not delivered to their intended recipients. This could happen due to incorrect addresses, recipients moving without leaving forwarding information, or simply failing to collect their mail from the post office.

2. How does mail become unclaimed?

Mail can become unclaimed for several reasons:

  • Incorrect or incomplete address: If the sender makes a mistake when addressing the package, it may not reach its destination.
  • Recipient moved: If the recipient has moved without providing a new address, the mail cannot be forwarded.
  • Uncollected mail: Sometimes, recipients do not pick up their mail from the post office.
  • Refusal: In some cases, recipients may refuse to accept the mail.

3. What happens to unclaimed mail?

When mail goes unclaimed, the postal service follows a process to try to deliver it:

  1. Attempted redelivery: The postal service may attempt to redeliver the mail.
  2. Return to sender: If the sender’s address is available, the mail may be returned.
  3. Held for a period: Unclaimed mail is often held at the post office for a specific period.
  4. Disposition: If all attempts fail, the mail is considered unclaimed and may be auctioned, donated, or sold.

4. Can I purchase unclaimed mail?

Yes! You can purchase unclaimed mail through services like Unclaimed Mail Center. We acquire unclaimed packages and sell them to the public. This can be a fun and exciting way to receive surprise items, as the contents of the packages are often unknown until you open them.

5. How do I order unclaimed mail?

Ordering unclaimed mail is simple with Unclaimed Mail Center. Here’s how:

  1. Visit our website: Go to Unclaimed Mail Center.
  2. Browse and select: Choose from various unclaimed packages available.
  3. Place your order: Complete the purchase through our secure checkout.
  4. Enjoy your surprise: Your package will be shipped fast and free across the USA.

6. Is it legal to buy and sell unclaimed mail?

Absolutely. The process of buying and selling unclaimed mail is entirely legal. Postal services and companies handling these items follow regulations and guidelines to ensure that the process is lawful. When mail remains unclaimed for an extended period and all attempts to deliver or return it have failed, it becomes eligible for sale.


Unclaimed mail can offer a thrilling experience, full of surprises and unexpected finds. At Unclaimed Mail Center, we make it easy and fun to explore the world of unclaimed packages. Visit our website to start your unclaimed mail adventure today!

Order online at Unclaimed Mail Center Fast and Free Shipping all over the USA.

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