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Is this legal?

 Yes, millions of packages are unclaimed or deemed undeliverable every day due to misspellings, absence of a forwarding address, delivery to the wrong address, or simply not picked up by a postal carrier within the given timeframe. Instead, they are a collection of return-to-sender packages from various online retailers for the above reasons and thereby the property of those companies.

What kind of things do people typically find in these packages?

 Customers previously reported finding anything and everything in the packages, even if they are typically random things. A few examples of these items include Electronics (wireless headphones, computer accessories, phones, gadgets, LED lights and signs, etc.), books, records, toys and games, clothing items and accessories, jewelry, shoes, beauty products, personalized items, fad gift items, tools, home décor, knock-off items, name brand items, adult items and much more.

How quickly do you ship?

 If the order is received by 5 pm, the package is usually shipped on the same day (excluding weekends). 

A shipping confirmation with a tracking number will be emailed to the email address you provided once your order has shipped.

From Where is the packeges come?

Most of our packages are from Amazon & usps Returns, and some come from retail store Returns.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards..

What kind of items?

our variety of products including unclaimed mail, Amazon Returns, Amazon overstock, and independent fulfillment centers who handles shipping items from all online platforms

How many items in each package?

you will receive 1 item per package.

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