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Original price was: $133.90.Current price is: $99.96. (25% Off)

What’s in the Box? The box contains a variety of 10 items, These Items are undeliverable or returned packages that have gotten lost in the mail. Luckily, We have a contract that allows us to buy these pallets through government auctions and sell them to you at great prices.

The Value of Items: Our previous customers have discovered various items, including electronics, toys, clothing, shoes, jewelry, tools, home décor, and more, that could be worth thousands of dollars. However, we do not open the packages and respect the “AS IS” nature of the products, which means we cannot determine their contents or monetary value or guarantee the quality or value of the items you will receive.

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About this item:

  • Treasure Hunt Experience: Delight in the excitement of unveiling unexpected items, similar to a treasure hunt.
  • Same-day shippingOrders received between Monday and Thursday by 5 PM will be shipped the same day.
  • Potential High-Value Finds: You may find high-value items in some packages that far exceed the purchase price.
  • Customer Support: We provide a dedicated team of customer service representatives to assist you with any questions or concerns.
  • Unique Items: Every package contains something different, offering a surprise element with each purchase.


Purchase Terms & Clarity:
It’s a Surprise: You get random stuff. We don’t pick or know what’s inside.
No Address Info: Old labels or addresses are hidden.
Feeling Lucky? Give it a shot!
No Take-backs: Once you buy, it’s yours. No returns or refunds.

Frequently Bought Together

Original price was: $133.90.Current price is: $99.96. (25% Off)
Original price was: $133.90.Current price is: $99.96. (25% Off)
Original price was: $289.90.Current price is: $198.18. (32% Off)
Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $59.99. (33% Off)
Original price was: $289.90.Current price is: $188.18. (35% Off)
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  1. Netanel Bendakon

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these packages. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure!

  2. Netanel Bendakon

    The value for the price is exceptional. I highly recommend these packages.

  3. Netanel Bendakon

    These packages are a delightful surprise every time. I’ll be coming back for more.

  4. Netanel Bendakon

    I’m happy! I received a pair of Yeezy’s.

  5. Netanel Bendakon

    Hello! I just received a surprise MYSTERY BOX, and it contained a CHARGE MINI 3+ Portable Wireless Speaker. I’m using it for my Spotify music, and it sounds great.

  6. Netanel Bendakon

    The items I got from the package are pretty good.

  7. Netanel Bendakon

    Really great product and great value for money.

  8. Netanel Bendakon

    Definitely good value for money.

  9. Netanel Bendakon

    Bit pricey but a nice item.

  10. Netanel Bendakon

    all really good quality and arrived on time.

  11. Netanel Bendakon

    I am very satisfied with this box… i recommended.

  12. Netanel Bendakon

    Trying out these items was a bit of a gamble. Some were delightful discoveries, while others were less remarkable. In the end, it’s a good package.

  13. Netanel Bendakon

    loved it. THANK YOU!!!

  14. Netanel Bendakon

    The value of the items is much higher than what I paid for the mystery box.

  15. Netanel Bendakon

    I had a good time trying out this mystery box.

  16. Netanel Bendakon

    This mystery box was a pleasant surprise. I liked most of what I got inside.

  17. Netanel Bendakon

    I just got a PS5 controller, whatttttt! I’m so happy. Thank you!

  18. Netanel Bendakon

    Fun experience. Not every item was perfect, but I’m ok with that.

  19. Netanel Bendakon

    I got a pretty good mystery box. Most of the items were great, and the others ok.

  20. Netanel Bendakon

    My recent order was a pleasant surprise. The items were excellent.

  21. Netanel Bendakon

    Wow, just wow! The Mystery Box is worth every penny.

  22. Netanel Bendakon

    These mystery packages are like opening a treasure chest. So many unique items. Highly recommended!

  23. Netanel Bendakon

    The mystery box had different stuff, and I’m really happy with what I got.

  24. Netanel Bendakon

    I got a pretty good mystery box the items were great

  25. Netanel Bendakon

    Some items were awesome, others not so much

  26. Netanel Bendakon

    I was a little nervous before opening the box, but when I did, I found some really nice headphones, a big speaker, and more items than I expected. I’m happy with what I received.

  27. Netanel Bendakon

    I’m addicted to these mystery boxes

  28. Netanel Bendakon

    I really like it, this mystery box is always great.

  29. Netanel Bendakon

    It’s a fair deal in general.

  30. Netanel Bendakon

    I’ve recommended these mystery boxes to my friends, and they love them as much as I do. Great product!
    Thank you!!!

  31. Netanel Bendakon

    These packages make great gifts too. I’ve given them to my family, and they’ve all loved them. I will try another mystery box soon.

  32. Netanel Bendakon

    The value for the price is outstanding. You get so much more than you pay for with these packages.

  33. Netanel Bendakon

    Wow, I’m seriously into that mystery box! I might need to take a break, LOL.

  34. Netanel Bendakon

    Thank you so much! OMG, I Got an iPhone 13. Thanks again! I highly recommend

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